3CX Hosted PBX - All-in-one communications,
made easy and affordable

Paramount has found that clients are often dissatisfied with high IT support costs, which are designed to maximize profits for IT providers while providing minimal support. After purchasing expensive IT hardware, they then spend a premium on supporting it.
Paramount recognises that the 3CX Phone system is an ideal replacement for outdated traditional telephone systems, providing a complete Unified Communications platform that businesses can use to connect and collaborate with their teams and customers anytime, anywhere. It also eliminates the cost, management headaches, and limitations of traditional PBX systems, helping businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency.
Paramount believes in partnering with forward-thinking companies that deliver innovative technologies and services. In doing so, Paramount's clients can optimize all endpoint technology (PCs, printers, and telephony) and services into a simple, scalable, and comprehensive monthly fee, and so has partnered with Conekt Australia to provide industry-leading IT managed services to clients across Australia. Conekt currently provides IT services to businesses with 4-100 employees, as well as multinational and global enterprises.

  •  Make and receive calls from anywhere.
  •  Use you office number to take calls on mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  •  Easily monitor inbound calls and chats from anywhere.

  •  Queue incoming calls to specific colleagues or group.
  •  Call back option to manage overflow during peak times.

  •  Train agents during a live call with Listen in and Whisper.
  •  Integrate with your CRM to know who’s calling and to personalise automated greeting.

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  •  Add live chat to your website and connect with website visitors in real time.
  •  Explain better by elevating a simple chat to a phone call in one click..
  •  Customers can call free from the website. No need to copy and paste numbers.

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  •  Included with 3CX, at no additional cost.
  •  Simple to create, host and join a meeting.
  •  Participants can join from their browser. No need to dial numbers or download any video apps.
  •  Customers can call in or join through your own personalised 3CX Meet link.
  •  High-quality (HD), real-time video guaranteed by Google’s WebRTC.
  •  Collaborate better by sharing documents, allowing chat and polling.
  •  Give hands-on troubleshooting & training with remote screen control.

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  •  Monitor agent performance with the built-in reports.
  •  See longest wait time and abandoned calls.
  •  Get reports on SLA and call-back statistics.
  •  Switchboard / wallboard for real-time monitoring of queues.


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