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HP produces low-carbon solutions and energy-efficient products, using safer materials and greener packaging to lower our customers’ environmental footprints. Our design leadership and technical innovations in reducing the environmental impact of technology have been widely recognized. We are committed to helping our customers recycle responsibly, recovering 2.8 billion pounds of products since 1987. More than 75% of our ink cartridges and 24% of HP LaserJet toner cartridges are now manufactured with “closed loop” recycled plastic.(1) Our remanufacturing programs give IT hardware, such as servers, storage and networking products, a new lease of life, reducing environmental impacts from disposal. We only recycle products that cannot be reused.


In the spirit of our guiding philosophy of Kyosei, we support environmental protection and sustainability both in our daily operations and through our environmental initiatives. Our reports focus on the sustainability challenges, opportunities and performance in the region as well as the strategies we put in place to address these matters. Our parent company, Canon Inc. began publishing global environmental reports in 1994 which were expanded in 2003 to also include economic and social activities. Our sustainability reports, published annually, provide an overview of our sustainability challenges and performance, ensure accountability to our stakeholders and are intended to encourage greater communication with our stakeholders.


Kyocera, as a global organisation implemented green policies over 30 years ago, long before it became fashionable. Our ethos encourages conservation, recycling and the development of products and technologies that can actually reduce the impact on the environment. The development of our unique long-life print technology sets the standard in sustainability. We purify water used in our factories so that it’s cleaner when we’ve finished with it than the water in the public water supply. We work hard to make our factories and offices ‘green’, with rooftop solar power systems and ‘green curtains’ planted to grow over windows and outer walls, helping reduce our energy consumption. We also contribute to biodiversity conservation.