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HP Smart Device Services (SDS) is changing how service is performed in the office of the future. With smarter devices, machine learning, predictive analytics, and advanced device controls that can be made remotely, you can see superior device uptime and better office productivity.

Delivering maximum uptime, with HP SDS, Paramount can maximise your device uptime:

 Before HP SDS

What Currently Happens Today:

When the device stops or fails, the customer calls the help desk, or the reseller may be alerted to a device error. The customer must then find another device until the service is complete, which can affect office productivity. In most cases, the help desk cannot diagnose what the exact problem is or remotely solve the issue based on a customer call or standard device alert. Service technicians are then dispatched to the customer site to triage and diagnose the problem at the device. This process may add delays if the issue isn’t easily diagnosed or if the required parts are not on the van. Sometimes multiple visits may be required to finally resolve the issue.


With HP SDS, we can maximise your device uptime:

HP devices are designed to be smart by optimising for service interactions, utilizing component sensors, and providing access for remote configurations and adjustments. Now, with HP SDS machine-learning capabilities and predictive analytics, the SDS system can monitor device health, predict failures, and provide service recommendations to help ensure the device does not stop.
When SDS notices a problem, it can provide detailed diagnostic information to pinpoint the issue or component that is beginning to fail. This information can then be used to proactively or quickly respond to the problem with the exact service steps and parts needed. In the case that a problem is detected and can be remotely remediated, SDS provides the controls necessary to adjust configurations, upgrade firmware, or even just remotely reboot the device. All this can be performed without interfering with office productivity and ensures any issue is quickly resolved.

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