Canon imagePRESS C710 Series


Key Features

  • Impress with fast, accurate print for every occasion
  • Flexible to meet the changing needs of your business
  • Quality, colour and accuracy that won’t let you down
  • Keep your sensitive documents safer with HDD encryption
  • Cut downtime and limit paper jams with the multi-feed detection sensor
  • Production speeds of up to 70ipm.
  • Maintains rated speed on uncoated stocks up to 220gsm.
  • 7,650-sheet feeding capacity with up to six different sources.
  • 2400×2400-dpi print resolution utilizing the unique R-VCSEL imaging technology.
  • Intuitive calibration process that uses internal sensors to measure test patches.
  • Translucent CV Toner produces vibrant images on a wide variety of stocks.
  • Multi D.A.T. helps to achieve consistent colour across long runs automatically.
  • Support stocks up to 350gsm.
  • Runs a variety of envelopes and long sheets up to 1300mm.
  • Helps achieve highly accurate and consistent registration, even on large and heavy stocks.
  • Coated support from 85gsm.
  • Reach impressive production speeds of up to 70 A4-sized impressions per minute and allow your operators to tend to crucial tasks while the press auto duplexes heavy and thick stocks up to 350 gsm. Cover long-sheet stocks up to 1300mm in length.
  • Keep the press running and maintain a steady workflow with the ability to replace paper and toner without having to stop for unnecessary routine tasks.
  • Stay productive on standard and mixed-media jobs without sacrificing quality, allowing you to produce a wide range of applications from a single, versatile engine.
  • A combination of digital sensors, together with registration rollers, help to ensure that even heavy and large sheets are accurately and consistently positioned.
  • Output crisp, color images with remarkable clarity at high speeds with the imagePRESS C810 Series’ state-of-the-art R-VCSEL laser technology at 2400x2400 dpi and 190 lpi.
  • By allowing the surface properties of your media to show through Canon’s translucent CV Toner, the press can produce amazingly vibrant and vivid images across the entire sheet surface on a wide variety of stocks.
  • The combination of its flexible transfer belt and Simple Transfer Adjustment technology allows toner to fill in the peaks and valleys of your textured and embossed stocks, producing high-density images for custom and premium applications.
  • Once initiated by your operator, the color digital press performs a real-time press calibration automatically, helping to deliver repeatable, high-quality output with minimal effort.
  • Maintaining a consistent environment and automatic measuring of multigradation density patches combine to help ensure that your highlights, midtones, and shadows are reproduced to your high expectations.
  • Every dot is imaged twice, helping to produce accurate, superb quality across long runs and throughout the life of the drum.
  • Designed to achieve highly accurate, front-to-back and sheet-to-sheet registration across long runs on large, heavy, and stiff stocks—all in a small compact design.
  • Laser writes every dot on the drum twice when creating images, which helps maintain high image quality consistently across long production runs.
  • Helps produce consistent, vivid, and crisp images on a wide range of media with a realistic, offset-like finish.
  • Flexible belt presses the toner into the media, enabling a high-density image transfer onto embossed and textured stocks.
  • Innovative induction heating and cooling technologies use two belts that allow the press to fuse at a lower temperature and produce complex jobs at high speeds.
  • Intuitive engine calibration feature uses an in-line sensor to read colour test patches automatically, helping to minimize operator error and achieve brilliant and predictable colour.

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Designed for an easier, more productive life

The imagePRESS C910 Series is a true, light- to mid-volume production press that incorporates advanced technologies to help print establishments achieve amazing results—all in a small footprint. This color digital press is engineered to help you meet the high expectations of your demanding clients, hit tight deadlines, and expand your portfolio to include creative and innovative applications—all without having to make a significant investment.

Brings calm to chaotic work processes

At Cutting Edge, Sara Milani introduces the new imagePRESS C910 series that launched this week. Ideal for personalised marketing collatteral from postcards to banners over 1 meters long, this commercial printer range providing increased media capabilities. The imagePRESS C910 series handles up to 350 gsm, have a new size banner sheet, and is faster than before, with the ability to print up to 90 pages per minute.